Generator SF100BY



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Take x-ray photography of the head, extremities  chest cavity and other parts of human

In the ward or in operation room.

Main features

1. Single focus, full-wave rectifier, combined X-ray generator

2. SCM control (easy to maintain and repair)

3. High visual and operational console with LCD monitor

4. Prestored 8 kinds of photography parameters and select, modify,

store the parameters under the condition of choice

5. Power voltage (V), photograph kilovolt (KV) infinitely variable control

6. Premier high voltage with high power SCR zero control circuit

7. Function of load chains, exposure time control, auto alarm, preheat filament,

subassemblies temperature control, and so on

8. Cantilever structure makes the small volume and easily moving

Main technical indexes
1. Power supply: Voltage: 180-240 V, Frequency: 50HZ, Internal resistivity <1.0Ω
Current 35A, instant Rating ≥7k VA
2.Photography: Voltage: 50-100 kV, current 16ma. 32ma 63ma 100ma,

time 0.08s ~6.3s, X-ray tube focus 4.3mm X4.3mm
3.Maximum remote control distance: 7m

4.Maximum height of focal spot from floor>1880 mm, Minimum height of focal spot from floor <520 mm

5.Columns turning angle: ±45

6.Collimator: maximum film size at 650mm, focal distance: 350 mm X 350 mm

7.The net weight of the unit: 150kg gross, Weight: 240kg

8.Shipping volume: 150cm X 100cm X 150cm

9.Trademark: PIOWAY

10.Made in: China