Transfusion pump UPR200


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transfusion pump UPR200

Patented product, filling the gap of industry, fluid warming completely solve the trouble that case uncomfortable feeling as cold fluid into the body
Ingenious design and have three modes:drop/min, ml/hr and time mode;Multi-protection and alarms, high performance.
Cute looking, clear operation interface
Tube: 15 drops/ml, 20 drops/ml, 60 drops/ml
Principle: Gravity Infusion;
Infrared photoelectric beam detects drips;
controlling valve automatic controls infusion rate;
and heating function.
Operational condition
Ambient temperature : +5℃~40℃
Relative humidity : 20%~80%
Power source
Both AC. and DC.power supply
220V~ 50Hz/60 Hz
7.2V 800mAH
Power consumption
3 VA (without heating)
12VA (heating)
Range of setting
Drop rate: 1drop/min ~ 140 drops/min
Flow rate :
15 drop/ml: 4 ml/hour ~ 560 ml/hour;
20 drop/ml: 3 ml/hour ~ 420 ml/hour;
60 drop/ml: 1 ml/hour ~ 140 ml/hour.
Volume limit: 1ml ~ 999ml
Time setting : 1min ~ 3 hours and 59mins
Total volume: 1ml ~ 9999ml
Drip rate : ±3% ; Flow rate :±5% ; Time : ±5%
output fluid temperature is up to 2℃~5℃ increase in the low-temperature environment.
Sound and light alarm when battery disconnection, low battery, Finish, drops-checking failed and leakage
Dimensions: 135mm × 110mm × 45mm
400g(battery includes)