Stainless Cage กรงสเตนเลส

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กรงสเตนเลส ผลิตจาก สเตนเลส เกรดทางการแพทย์ ด้วย งานที่ปราณีต ทนทาน

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With grill full round corner dog cage

Stainless steel cage is made of SUS304 stainless steel.
It has strong cage, sturdy doors and latch.
Inside the cage, there are stainless steel square pan and grill, which
are easy to take out and clean.
Full round corner cage, will be very easy to clean and disinfect.
Our cages are very durable.Animal Professionals like to use our
products. It is recommended that you purchase our standard
4 door cage. It includes a large cage with a divider and two small
cages stacked on top.If you dream it ,we can build it.
Silent wheels can be locked where you want

One piece Stainless steel Door Frame

High-quality stainless
steel with a thickness
of 1.2mm, very strong.