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รุ่น Xray-CArm-VET1200


เครื่องเอกซเรย์ ทางสัตวแพทย์ แบบ ระบบ

Full Digital X-rays

C-ARM  type

รุ่น VET1200

ร้านเวทแอนนี่มอลล์ ตัวแทนจำหน่ายอย่างเป็นทางการ


1.     Fluoroscopic Capacity
Max rated capacity           : Tube Current 4mA, Tube Voltage 110kV
Automatic Fluoroscopy     : Tube Voltage:40kV~110kV Adjust  Automatically
Tube Current  : 0.3mA~4mA set manually
Manual Fluoroscopy          : Continuous Tube Voltage:40kV~110kV
Continuous Tube Current : 0.3mA~4mA
Pulse Fluoroscopy             : Continuous Tube Voltage 40kV~110kV
Continuous Tube Current 4.1mA~8mA2. Photography Capacity
Max rated capacity             : 3.5 KW
Tube Voltage and Current Combination  : 40kV~49kV   1 ~125 mAs
50kV~59kV   1 ~110 mAs
60kV~69kV   1 ~90  mAs
70kV~79kV   1 ~80  mAs
80kV~89kV   1 ~71  mAs
90kV~99kV   1 ~63  mAs
100kV~110kV 1 ~40  mAs
Plateholder Size                 :  200mm×250mm(8″×10″)or
3.X-ray Tube
X-ray Tube Special for High FrequencyFixed anode   Dual-focus : large focus: 1.5, small focus: 0.6

Inverter Frequency:  40KHz

Thermal capacity: 35KJ (47KHU)
Image Intensifier       : Image Intensifier made by TOSHIBA (9″、 6″、4.5″)
CCD Vidicon              : Ultra low-light CCD camera imported from Japan
Monitor                       : Horizontal 1000 lines and vertical 800 lines,
Bandwidth : 12.5MHz,     Image/sec : 75

CCU(central control)         : Recursive Filter: K=8, 8 images storage,  image upright, image overturn,positive &negative image;LIH(last image freeze, and OSD(monitor display)
5.Structure :
Directive wheel                  : ±90°revolution,can freely change the moving  direction of the unit.
Ascending & Descending Range of Pillar             : ≥400mm
C-arm                                : Forward and Backward Movement: 200mm
Revolution around Horizontal Axis:  ±180°
Revolution around Vertical Axis     :  ±15°( Advantage), better than others’  ±12.5°, easier  to take special positions radiography )
Slip on orbit: 120°(+90°~ -30°)

I Usage:

Orthopaedics: osteopathy, diaplasis, nailing

Surgery: removing foreign body, cardiac catheter, implanting pace maker, interventional therapy, partial radiography, local photography, and other work.


II Features 

1. New integrated design, compact appearance, convenient operation.;

2. Unique hand-held remote controller, more convenient operation

3. Graphical colorfully LCD touch screen console interface, convenient operation, fashionable design

4. High-quality combined HF-HV X-ray generator, greatly reducing the X-ray irradiation.

5. Toshiba image intensifier is employed, stable and reliable in quality , high-definition image and display system

6. With the perspective KV, MA automatic tracking feature, the image brightness and definition are automatically set at optimal function.

7. Medical high-resolution progressive output TV system, eight image storage, clearer image and convenient operation.


III Configuration

1, New (with electric auxiliary support arm) C-arm main rack     one set

2, High-frequency high-voltage X-ray generator and high-frequency inverter power supply(3.5KW、40KHZ、110KV)                             one set

3, Toshiba 9-inch image intensifier                            one set

4, 1 million pixel ultra-low-light digital cameras                  one set

5, high- definition progressive output CCU main-control system   one set

6, High-thickness grids                                    one set

7, Electric adjustable collimator                               one set

8, 23-inch high- definition medical monitor                      one set

9, Unique hand-held remote controller                         one set


System Performance and Parameter


Category Project Content







Photography Capacity 3.5KW
Fluoroscopy Capacity Tube current:8mA  Tube Voltage:110KV
Automatic Fluoroscopy Tube Voltage:40kV~110kV automatical adjustment

Tube Current:0.3mA~4mA automatical adjustment

Manual Fluoroscopy Tube Voltage:40kV~110kV Continuous

Tube Current:0.3mA~4mA Continuous

Pulse Fluoroscopy Tube Voltage:40kV~110kV Continuous

Tube Current:4.1mA~8mA Continuous

Photography Tube Voltage and mAs 40 kV~110 kV   20-63mA  1-125mAs
film holder Size 200mm×250mm(8″×10″)or


X-ray Tube X-ray Tube Special for High Frequency Fixed anode   Dual-focus, small focus: 0.3, large focus:1.5 High Frequency Inverter: 40KHz thermal capacity 35KJ (47KHU) Tube thermal capacity 650KJ(867KHU)


Image Intensifier TOSHIBA (9″) Image Intensifier
CCD Video camera Ultra low-light CCD camera
Monitor Horizontal center resolution 1000/L, frequency for picture refresh is 75HZ
CCU main control High Definition progressive output mode, 8 level Noise Reduction,8 image storage, Vertical Image, Horizontal image flip, positive or negative image
Structure Directive wheel and major wheel Directive wheel 360° rotation, freely change the moving direction of the unit, major wheel ±90° rotation
 C-arm Electrical Ascending & Descend ≥400mm

Monitor rotation 135°

Forward and Backward Movement: 200mm
Rotation around Horizontal Axis:  ±180°
Rotation around Vertical Axis     :  ±15°
Focus screen distance:960mm C-arm opening: 760mm

C-arm arc depth: 640mm  Slip on orbit: 120°(+90°~ -30°)