CBC Analyzer 3 part รุ่น BA-3CBC-DYMIND


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3-Part Auto Hematology Analyzer for Vet


– 10.4 inch TFT touch screen
– Support multi-species special detection mode

– Support parameter optimization of customized species

– Support up to 20 customized animal detection modes
for users to choose and 10 reportable species

Multi-species Dog, cat, rabbit, cow, horse, sheep, rat, mice,
guinea pig, pig, monkey, gerbil, hamster,
chinchilla, ferret, hedgehog, camel, etc.
Pet hospitals
Veterinary hospitals
Research institutes
Parameters 19 reportable parameters: WBC, Gran#, Lym#, Mid#, Gran%, Lym%, Mid%, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC,
3 histograms for WBC, RBC and PLT
Principles Impedance method for WBC, RBC and PLT test Cyanide free colorimetry for HGB test
Repeatability WBC: ≤3.0% (4.00-15.00×109/L)
RBC: ≤2.0% (>3.50×1012/L)
HGB: ≤2.0% (110-180g/L)
MCV: ≤1.0% (40.0-110.0fL)
PLT: for dog≤6.0%(100-500×109/L);
for cat≤10.0% (100-500×109/L)
Display 10.4 inches TFT touch screen
Communication Support bi-directional LIS
Interface 4 USB ports, 1 LAN port
Throughput Up to 35 tests per hour
Sample volume 17µL
Sample mode Whole blood mode and pre-diluted mode
Storage Up to 50,000 records
Linearity range WBC: 0.00-200×109/L
RBC: 0.00-17.00×1012/L
HGB: 0-250g/L
PLT: 0-3000×109/L
HCT: 0.0-67%
Power requirement 100V-240V~, 50/60Hz
Dimension  364mm(W)×477mm(D)×417mm(H)
Net weight 26 kg
Brand Dymind


CBC Analyzer 3 part รุ่น BA-3CBC-DYMIND Blood Analyzer Machine 3 part รุ่น BA-3CBC-DYMIND

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